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  • Who are we?

What is T3technet.com about?

T3echnet.com can be construed as a prominent remote staffing company of Pakistan. It has been helping out businesses that are medium across five continents to recruit proficient virtual employees from Pakistan. Each client can choose their employee exclusively who works from our dedicated and well equipped office.

Do the employees at T3technet.com work from home?

T3technet.com does not hire freelancers. We recruit employees who are dedicated and work exclusively for you from our well-equipped offices.

How long have T3technet.com been in business?

It has been 10 years since we started off. Our proficient virtual employees have approximately worked for 2021 clients across five continents.


I want to have more information regarding your services

T3technet.com proffers two types of business models:

  • The team model
  • The dedicated employee model

In the dedicated employee model, client recruits a virtual employee who meets their requirement and works exclusively for them. In the team model our clients work with more than one employee but at the cost of recruiting one employee. A client can create a virtual team of their desired size.

What does your service include?

  • Help you recruit your own virtual employee/ virtual team.
  • Give requisite infrastructure, software and hardware to your employee.
  • Give a completely functional, fully staffed office in Pakistan.
  • Managing issues that are not work related.

How to get started with the services?

You are required to give us an in depth description of job that include qualification, years of experience, skill set, domain expertise, shift timings etc. The HR department will evaluate these details and to choose the most suitable candidate. You can give tests to the candidates. You can also personally interview the candidates who have been short listed.

I have unique requirements and I wish to handpick the right talent for my company. Is it possible?

Yes. Our HR team will make sure that they find the most suitable candidate for you.

Are payroll and taxes my concern?

No. You don’t need to worry about payroll and taxes since our finance department deals with all financial issues.

What do you mean by ‘Dedicated employee’?

It is an employ who dedicatedly and exclusively work for a particular client at one point in time. This employee closely interacts with the client and make sure they give proficient results.

What is included in the Team model?

The team model proffers diverse skills and can be said to be cost effective. A team lead leads the chain of command in the team model. It is the most significant in point of contact for the client.

Can I recruit a team of mixed skills?

Yes. A client can hire a team of mixed skills. They can match and mix skills across various teams.

What is the difference between the free and gold recruitment service?

Gold recruitment service can be construed as a paid service that has a cost of US $49.95. The clients who use the gold recruitment service are given more priority than the ones who opt for free recruitment service.

  • Skills/Domain:

Which skills or domains do you offer?

T3technet.com offers talented and experienced resources in any form of skill or domain.

How many employees are working at T3technet?

T3technet.com have over 1500+ employees currently working with national and international clients and business partners over 27 countries such as UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and North America.

I want to hire a resource who is expert in English. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. T3technet have proficient English speakers who can help you in carrying out every kind of task you wish to complete.

Do you provide highly expert and technical employees?

Yes. We can provide you with an exceptionally talented technical employees in various fields such as programming and engineering.

I need a resource that does not have a very strong accent. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. We have resources in back-office fields who were given voice training and have neutral accents. We also have resources who worked for call centers such as Dell, BT, and IBM. They are familiar with British or American accents.

  • Hiring:

Will the T3technet.com employee be employed by me or you?

Your T3technet employee is officially employed by us but works exclusively for the client from our head offices in Asia.

Is it possible to monitor and operate a live programming evaluation test?

Yes, it is possible.

Do you offer a short duration trail to review your services beforehand?

Yes, we do offer a free trial of 4 hours to evaluate the skill levels of your candidate.

Is it possible to recruit more than one employee at a time?

Yes, it is possible. There is certainly no limit to the number of resources you can recruit.

T3technet.com enables you to recruit either the entire team model or a single employee who directly work from our main office in India unlike freelancers where the team is dispersed all across the world.

I want to recruit a resource. What next?

Once you make a decision to recruit a resource, the second step is to give us the detailed description for the position you want to fill. The ideal description of the job should encompass every relevant information such as education, years of experience, skill set, domain expertise, job duties and shift timings.

The information is significant as our human resource department will utilize it to hire suitable candidates for your required position. Once we are done shortlisting the suitable candidates, their resumes will be forwarded to you for your further review.

We offer resumes free of charge and it takes 1-2 weeks to forward resumes. However this time period may vary depending on the kind of resource you want to recruit and the hiring option ou have selected: Free or Gold.

Is it possible to recruit an employee on part-time basis and then at a later stage recruit the same resource on a full time basis?

Yes, it is possible only if the part-time employee is free to handle the full-time responsibilities. In addition, it is only possible with our team model. Nonetheless, if this is something you want to consider, kindly get in touch with our Client Account Managers (CAM).

Do we have an option to recruit part-time employees?

Yes, we give you an option to recruit part-time employees.

How can I make sure that the right resource is recruited for the required position?

The T3technet.com hiring model has a twin screening process which provides you with an extremely high success rate. It helps you in making sure that the right resource is recruited for the required position.

Our Human Resource department is responsible for the screening process and conducts in person interviews with each and every candidate who meet the job requirements. Then we forward the resumes of best selected candidates for your review

The second stage of screening process is then accomplished by you where you analyze, conduct interviews and assign tests to the shortlisted candidates.

You choose the right candidate to do the job for because you are in a better position to know your basic work requirements. You should only recruit a candidate if you think they are the perfect fit for the position. If anywhere you feel that they are lacking the certain skills, you can ask for more resumes from us.

When can an employee begin working for me?

Once you have chosen the candidate, the services can be available to you as soon as possible. The same condition applies for when you select the entire team model to work for you.

On the other hand, if you have recruited a non-in-house resource, then the services can be available to you after:

  1. The resource has completed the notice period to their current employer.
  2. We receive the copy of signed contract, payment of the first invoice and payment of the notice period from you.

How can I have the selected candidate start working for me?

Before an employee begins working for you, the following things are required:

  1. Signed contract receipt
  2. Payment of the first invoice
  3. Payment of the notice period of 15 days.

Do I choose the resource that is suitable for me?

Yes. You have an authority to choose the suitable candidate for each and every vacancy you want to fill by reviewing the several resumes we provide you with.

We forward you resumes that aligns with your job requirements. You can then review and choose the candidates you are likely to interview.

After interviewing process, you are suggested to decide if you want to recruit any of these shortlisted candidates.

If you think that you need to assign test to the candidate, you can do that as well. We will monitor these tests and submit the final results to you.

You can also take interview through phone or video conferencing at any time suitable for you.

We forward resumes and manages the interview of candidates free of charge.

  • Data Security:

My product information is highly valuable intellectual property. How can I make sure that my data is not shared or used by any other companies when the resources has all the important data and resides outside of my office?

At T3technet.com, the security of data and information is the top most priority, and we strive to protect a customer’s valuable information and intellectual property in any way possible. The following measure we take for the data protection:

  1. Our customer’s resource works in a virtual environment in which his PC is linked with your system. This makes sure that your highly critical data and intellectual property gets stored straight on your system and not on the resource’s desktop.
  2. You can ask our IT staff to disable any application, webmail and software in your employees’ desktop or laptop. You can even request that your employee be denied access to particular websites.
  3. You may even request to disable every external drive and accessory such as CDS and DVDS on your employee’s system.
  4. Moreover, our every employee is bound to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the customer which has extreme penalties for any kind of violation.

Can I have particular websites disabled on my employee’s system?

Yes, you can request any of our IT members to block particular websites on your employee’s system.

Can I have an ownership of work done by your employee?

Yes, you can have an ownership of the work. All the work that is done by our employee for the customer, it belongs exclusively to the customer eventually — be it products, ideas, and inventions.

What are the procedures to protect the confidential information of a client?

There many ways that are set in motion to protect the confidentiality of the client. If you are worried about your data’s security you are advised to contact T3technet.com. We will discuss and analyze the most suitable method to implement. The following procedures can be implemented:

  • The employee will work in a completely virtualized environment.
  • You can save your data on the servers of your office. The employee gets remote access to the data at work.
  • The data is saved on our servers and not on the desktop of the employee.
  • In order to prevent your data from being copied, you can disable CD-ROM drives, USB portals, printers from the personal computer of your employee.
  • A software can be installed on the PC of your employee which will track their activities.
  • This will make you feel that your Pakistani employee is basically working on the computer at your office.

Can I watch the screen of my employee when they are working on my project?

Yes you can watch their screen if you wish to. We collaborate with the newest online tools which enable you to communicate freely and share screen.

Is T3technet.com using VDI (Virtual Desktops)?

Yes. If a client asks that virtual desktops should be used by their employees then they will be provided to the employees by our IT staff.

  • Infrastructure

Does T3technet has the option if I want to hire a bigger team for my project?

Yes, with sufficient infrastructure we have a well organized team and set up in order to help you with all time sizes. This way you can choose how many members you want to help you with your project. All of them will be highly qualified and experienced, because quality is something we never compromise in.

To add more to this you will be glad to know that we also have separate rooms for our clients if you want to keep your ideas and projects confidential. We respect our client’s privacy and for this reason we have this facility provided.

What type of software and hardware are provided to your employees?

T3technet provides its employees with best and up to date software and hardware facilities in order to keep both the client as well as their employee satisfied. However, to assure you what faculties we have, we made separate lists to help you have a better insight.


  • Skype web cam
  • Headphones or earphones
  • Printers and scanners
  • Fax machine
  • TFT monitors
  • Strong powerful PCs and laptops
  • Dual or even three screen systems for clients who work on large scales.


  • Common office softwares
  • Windows XP
  • Windows operating system that is license-free.
  • Separate rooms available for conferences and video recording too.

If I ask you to provide my employee with extra hardware or software options, will it be possible?

If you want to get additional hardware or software options you need to speak to our Client Account managers to check if the things required will be easily available or not. Apart from that, softwares that are commonly used can be provided easily.

How much time will you take to scale?

T3technet can quickly scale several employees even at a very short notice. Although our rates may vary in two factors.

  • The nature of the skill that the client wants to hire.
  • The years of experience the client is looking for.
  • Working with the T3technet Employee

Can I test or give a trial before hiring my employee?

Yes, if you want to test your employee before hiring him, you can have a 4 hour trial that is free. But if you want to exceed your trial period time then remember that you will have to pay for that.

Is there a replacement option if any case my employee leaves?

No. Unfortunately we do not offer the replacement option. Although if you are working on a big project and working in a team then the team members will be asked to divide the work accordingly.

What possible ways are there if I want to communicate with my employee?

You can use whatever means of communication is easy for you. No matter what country you belong, we can also provide our employees with a local telephone number to make it easy for you to contact them via phone or email. Video conferencing, Skype and other messengers can also be used to communicate with your employee.

How do you guys monitor my employee's work progress?

Making sure if your employee is present and working properly at their workstation is something that we take care of. However we do not monitor their progress and output since that can also be confidential between the client and the employee. The client has to take care and keep an eye on the project’s status.

What shifts can my employee take or work in?

Your employee’s shift hours depends on you only. But it can be either one of the three options available.

  • Asia shift hours
  • Overlapping shift hours
  • Shift hours that suits you.

Is there a possibility of seeing or checking any previous work or sample of the employee before hiring?

Yes, we also provide samples to clients who need them. This way it will become easier for you to choose for your employee or candidate.

Can I also train my employee in case I want to?

Yes, the separate conference rooms are designed especially for you if you want to impart training to your employee. Apart from that, you can also use the Skype webcam facility and telephone etc. for this purpose.

Can I visit my employee at T3technet anytime I want?

Yes, if you are working with one of our employees and want to visit our office, you can easily do that anytime you want without any permission. All you have to do is inform our Human Resource managers about your visiting schedule so they can happily welcome you.

How do I make sure that the employee is only working for me?

By keeping a daily check on your project and your project’s progress, you can ensure that your employee is working for you only. For this you can always contact your employee during office hours and this will help you get updated about the progress he makes in an 8 hour shift.

Is it possible for an employee to come to my country if I plan on imparting onsite training?

Yes, it is possible for you to ask your employee to visit your country/city if you want to give him extra training and exposure regarding your project.

Is it possible for me to work with more than one employee?

Yes, it all depends on your project’s requirements. And in this case you can easily work with more than one employee if needed.

How are employees supervised by you?

Our Human Resource department takes best care when it comes to supervising your employee. With the help of our biometric facility, we keep detailed check on the employees to see if they are coming on time or not. Their attendance is always observed and the CCTV cameras make sure that they work in their workstations.

  • Termination

How many days will it take for T3technet to terminate the services for us?

Since our services need time and they cannot be terminated within the first month after employment, you will have to give 15 days’ notice and time in order to terminate our services.

How quickly can you terminate the contract?

You can terminate the contract only after giving a 15 days written notice to the other party. It can either be by the client of the party/company. It works both ways.

Is longer notice period available from your website in case of termination of the services?

Yes, our company can facilitate their clients if they want a longer notice period in case of termination of the contract. Such a request can be accommodated and you need not to worry about the 15 days notice period time duration.

  • Contract

What is a notice period?

Notice period is basically the time from which the employee can start working. This is started from the day we receive the payment from you and you send in the signed contract for t3technet.com

It is the time is the time the candidate needs to join in. For example they need two weeks. We receive the payment from you on 15th Feb; the two week period will start from 15th Feb.

Notice period is there for every employee hat is there in the dedicated team model.

When does the employee’s start date confirm, if I have selected one?

This depends on the type of the employee you have selected.  If the employee is free and isn’t working somewhere, they can join in at once, almost immediately.

If the employee is working somewhere, they will have a notice period that they have to come to terms with of the organization they are working for.

How often does T3tech.net terminate the contract?

T3tech.net is working for providing facilities to its customers. They want to build a long term relationship with their clients so they can go on for a longer time. The chances of us terminating the contract are very low as we do not wish to terminate the contract willingly. That does not go in our interest, but in case the employee has to leave, we will have no choice but to terminate the contract.

To ease this problem for our clients, we can provide them with a notice period from the employee.

  • Cost, Billing & Payments

What kind of a pricing structure you have?

We operate on the pre-paid structure. This can be comprehended in a way that the payment of the services being provided is done before hand.

One you have made up your mind to hire a resource, you will have to send in the payment of the first month, along with that of the notice period and our signed contract.

Is T3technnet.com working on a prepaid policy?

Absolutely, T3technet.com is working on a prepaid policy. You have to send in the first months invoice to us before we start allocating our resources to your disposal.

How does the billing work?

You are billed for the services before the employee starts working for you. The first payment is taken before the employee has started and the others are also taken in advance.

What are the methods of payments?

The mode of payment we prefer is through Wire Transfer.

I want an estimated figure to understand how much you charge for an employee on monthly basis?

An estimated figure for what we charge for our services and resources per employee range from about 999-1999$ per month.

The variation depends upon the job requirements, specifications and need.

Why do we have to pay for the 15 day notice period?

T3technet.com is working in Asia and is bound to follow employee laws of Asia. In case you want to terminate the employee, the employee gets the pay of 15 days that the employer is liable to pay. This is the reason you are liable to pay the fee for the 15 day notice period.

Are there any hidden charges that are present?

Once we send you the resume, we attach a certain price with it. That is the price of that certain employee for its services, the office space that we are providing them, the hardware, the facilities and the other needed things. The price quoted is of the complete package.

There are no hidden charges present.

There can be addition charges in cases such as:

  • If your employee requires software that we do not normally provide.
  • If your employee require hardware that are not available with us.
  • If the employee has t make 100 calls per day.

These services cost extra and the expenses will have to be taken by you.

How is the cost of your services determined?

We are a pre paid services company. This means we take the cost of the services we provide beforehand.

The cost that we take is determined by different factors that include the nature and scope of the work, how qualified the employee is, how much experience the employee has. If you choose a well qualified employee that has a vast experience, you will have to pay accordingly.

What is a one-time cost?

The on-time cost is the cost that you have to pay only once. That is basically the 15 day notice period cost of the employee that you have to pay prior to the hiring of that employee.

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